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i'd like to be a volunteer

happy to be a subject for someoneworking on their cert.

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Hello, please let me know how to contact you . Thanks 

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Hi, I am also willing to be a subject for anyone working on their certification. Thanks, Pauline

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Hi ! I too would love to volunteer as a subject for anyone working on their certification !


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I would be happy to volunteer for your certification, if that's also helpful to you. 


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I'd love to volunteer as well :)  Contact me at delphin@povn.com   Thanks!

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I would like to be a volunteer as well.   msbond@cox.net

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Volunteers:  Please leave your phone numbers or email address.

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To contact me to be a volunteer for you, my email is delphin@povn.com. Thanks :)

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me too at packrbkr4@msn.com. Would love help following a severly sprained foot and ankle that is still painful more than 2 months post injury.

I'd love to be a volunteer, and then when I've learned, to return the favour.


I would love to be a volunteer and I will gladly work with you as well. my email is alternativebenefits@embarqmail.com my name is Nicole Taylor at 908-421-3300. That would be awesome.

I would also love to be a volunteer and I will love to work with you in trading. alternativebenefits@embarqmail.com Nicole Taylor and my phone is 908-537-9192.

I would love to work with someone as a trade to help get their certificates. Nicole at 908-537-9192. My email address is alternativebenefits@embarqmail.com

I and my 20 breeding stock dogs would love to be volunteer if somebody is interested. lark0712@gmail.com

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