At the beginning of 2019 we welcomed a host of new changes at our company.  We launched a new brand and new website, To help you get acquainted with the layout of our site, we made short video, which will show you how to find all your products and content.  


The year 2020 has brought another exciting change with the launch of our Discover Healing app.  If you already own The Body Code System 2.0, you can access the new Discover Healing app for free for the first year after it was released.  If you are new to Discover Healing, the Discover Healing app gives access to both The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ material.  You can start a subscription at anytime here:

If you encounter any issues with accessing your content on our website, please let us know or refer to the tips below:


Login to your account by clicking on My Account in the main navigation. If you are having trouble, you can request to change your password by clicking here and using Account Settings.


To find out where your products are stored on the new website, watch the video above. If you are not seeing products on your account that you have purchased, navigate to the Orders section of your account. Your past orders will be listed, indicating what products you have purchased. If you do not see orders that should be listed, please submit a customer support ticket so we can help locate the order and assign it to the correct account to reinstate your access.


One important thing to note is that your Body Code app login will not change; it remains the same as your login for This password is now stored separately from the website, so changing the password in one area will not change it for both. If you need help accessing your Body Code app password, click here.


If you had previous trouble accessing The Body Code on the website, your access should be reinstated. If you still do not have access but should, please submit a customer support ticket so we can locate your order and reinstate access.

There are a couple of ways to access Body Code Mind Maps:

  1. Click “My Account” and Log in.

  2. From the My Account page or menu, click “Dashboard” 

  3. You will see The Body Code Healing System. Click to open and view all online content.

  4. Alternately, click Content Access in the menu and then The Body Code - Online Mind Map.


After starting a subscription to the Discover Healing app at, the app can be downloaded from the AppStore or the Google Play Store by searching for 'Discover Healing'.  (Not to be confused with our other app, The Body Code 2.0/2.1).  Your login for the Discover Healing app is the same username and password that you use to access your account at


Certification Programs are now all together, and we have combined all the Steps into one eLearning course. If you were in the process of certification, we imported both your course progress and your Student Sessions.

  • If you are ALREADY CERTIFIED you may no longer be enrolled, depending on how long ago you were certified.

  • If you are STILL WORKING TOWARD CERTIFICATION but do not see your enrolled course listed, please submit a customer support ticket so we can correct your enrollment.

  • If you see your COURSE PROGRESS is not the same as on, you can skip to where you left off and resume completing certification. We can refer to our previous system for your progress.

  • If you are not seeing STUDENT SESSIONS that you put into, please submit a customer support ticket so we can resolve the links to those sessions.

Thank you for your patience as we work out all the bugs of the new system. If you have any further issues please reach out to the Customer Support at We are here to help and will be responding to all customer support tickets as soon as we can!