We have been working hard to create a smooth transition for our users from HealersLibrary.com to DiscoverHealing.com. Since we are operating on an all new website and a new shopping cart we have migrated user data onto our new site. Here is a list of everything you will find on DiscoverHealing.com...

Data migrated to DiscoverHealing.com includes:

  • Orders containing your products, memberships, and certifications.
  • Product access will be provided based on your purchases.
  • Personal data; including name, email, password, address, etc.
  • Certification progress including your student sessions.
  • Practitioner Profiles, for the practitioner map.

If you find there is missing data or orders, please contact us. We can look it up in our old site and make adjustments as needed. This may happen if you had purchases linked to multiple email addresses. 

In an effort to make this transition more manageable we have excluded migrating user accounts who had no activity and no purchase history. Anyone may register as a new user on DiscoverHealing.com here.

Request your Password

Passwords were migrated from HealersLibrary.com to DiscoverHealing.com so you will be able to login using the credentials you used before. 

To reset your password on DiscoverHealing.com, click here.

Please note that The Body Code App password is not linked to your DiscoverHealing.com password. For Body Code App Login, click here.