Discover the groundbreaking EMOTION CODE™ healing method LIVE in 1 day!

Unlock your healing superpower, strengthen your intuition, and fast-track your mastery of The Emotion Code.
Plus, if you enroll in Emotion Code Certification at this event, you will bypass the 8 hours of online learning & quizzes required for Certification and skip straight to the final test and begin your Student Sessions Portfolio!

The Emotion Code Certification seminar is set up for those that prefer hands on learning over an online class setting. 

It is designed for those that are not currently in the certification course but are planning on it. Having said that all are welcome if you just want a refresher course or would just like to better learn the process.

To bypass the 8 hour online learning and quizzes you will need to purchase the certification program at the event.

For those that attend the Certification course here are the 5 steps to become certified:

The certification process has 5 steps

Step 1: Submit your Certification Biography

Step 2: Take Final exam

Step 3: Complete Session Records (portfolio)

Step 4: Submit Letters of Recommendation

Step 5: Submit Certification Agreement

*Not all Emotion Code Seminars are Certification Seminars so make sure it has Certification in the title when purchasing a ticket to the event.  Event ticket price is separate from the Certification price.

We try to keep the class size small and so the certification seminars have been selling out quick and early so don't delay when purchasing a ticket.