How do I become certified?


We have 2 certification courses that we have created to help you learn, grow and become a proficient practitioner.

These two courses can be thought of as level 1 and level 2 certifications. The Emotion Code certification course is considered level 1 and must be completed as a prerequisite for The Body Code certification, which can be thought of as level 2. The Body Code certification builds and expands upon principles learned in The Emotion Code course. 


What does the sign up process look like for the Emotion Code Certification?


Here are the requirements:

There are no prerequisites to signing up for The Emotion Code Certification program. Anyone, at any stage of knowledge can sign up and begin the course.  You can register for the program at  


Step 1: Complete the Practitioner Bio

Step 2: Complete E-learning course (5 hours of training videos quizzes and a final test)

Step 3: Complete sessions on 30 clients (work on 26 humans and 4 animals and clear out 4 heart-walls)

Step 4: Submit 2 letters of recommendation or copy of current health provider license

Step 5: Sign and submit your certification agreement

Once you are Certified in the Emotion Code and purchase the Body Code program you can purchase/register for the Body Code Certification.