Like many online accounts, your profile photo is linked to your email address through In order to link your photo, you will need to create a free Gravatar account. Follow the instructions below.

Create an Account at

Got to Click Sign In. On the next page, login or click Create an Account.

Once logged in, add your photo.

Click on Add a new image.

Choose a way to upload.

To upload a picture from your computer, select Upload new.

Choose the file to upload.

Click Choose File. Locate the photo you would like to use. Once your photo is selected, click Open. Then click Next.

Crop and adjust your photo.

Once finished selecting the view, click Crop and Finish!

Select the rating. (For use on the Practitioner Map only G is acceptable.)

Click on the rated G box.

Link your email address  photo.

Click on 'Add email address' or 'Add a new image'. You can have multiple images and email addresses.  Once you have added the email address associated with your account, highlight or select that email address. Next select which image you want to have connected with that email address.  Now other online accounts you have associated with that email will reflect that image as well.

Once your desired photo is linked to you email address, your profile will be updated with this photo as well.