That is a really great question! We have set up an Emotion Code Certification LIVE Q&A webinar for the purpose of answering these types of questions. 

If you login to your account, go to your "My Dashboard" section, and click on your Emotion Code Certification access. You will find at the bottom of that page an area to submit your question. It will be answered live on the next Q&A call. It serves as a duel purpose of answering you, and helping others that might be wondering the same thing! 

If you are unable to attend our webinars, they are recorded and posted for your viewing at later date! 

Here is a link to the submission form, too! Remember you need to login before this link will work!

(If you have trouble clicking on the link copy and paste it into a new URL)

You can also look on the calendar in your HealersLibrary Account to see the schedule of any upcoming Q&A Webinars.  Here is the link:

Thank you for your time!