Well, yes. You can often clear the Addictive Heart Energy before you clear anything else, by the way. Just ask. As far as the Heart-Wall goes, the entire Heart-Wall may be ’hidden’ at first. Once the body says ”yes” in response to your question, ”do you have a hidden heart-wall?” it is of course, no longer hidden. HOWEVER, it IS possible that when the Heart-Wall is cleared, there may be another hidden layer of emotions underneath. This may not appear for a day or so after you think you are done, and may even show up as being ”hidden” all over again, but is not usually composed of more than just a few emotions. Finding another Heart-Wall after you have totally taken down the initial wall happens about 10% of the time or less, in our experience. However, if your body is saying that you have a Heart-Wall and a Hidden Heart-Wall at the same time, that is a bit unusual, but can still happen!