Question: What is a Psychic Trauma?

Answer:  After 9/11/2001, I had many chiropractic patients coming to me that had some kind of emotional imbalance that I had never identified before — something I couldn’t quite identify. It wasn’t a trapped emotion, yet there was something emotional going on. After praying for help to understand what was happening and struggling for a bit, the answer came. That answer indicated that when two or more powerful emotions are felt simultaneously, they may become trapped together into one ball of energy. If you remember on 9/11, of course, everyone was feeling a wide range of emotions, such as anger, rage, sadness, fear, grief, sorrow and so on.

What I refer to as a psychic trauma is the same as a trapped emotion in every other way, but it only shows up if you ask for it by name, or if you are using the Body Code Mind Map and it shows up on the list under post-traumatic energies.

So in other words, I think that when you feel more than one powerful emotion simultaneously, those two emotions may become lodged together into one ball of energy. Let’s say that you’re feeling anger and fear at the same time, and they’re both very strong and they become trapped together into the same energy ball. Now you’ve got this ball of energy that isn’t just anger and it isn’t just fear. It’s actually both. As a result, this will not show up as a trapped emotion, although really that’s what it is—but it’s a blend of these two (or more) emotions, a blended frequency. It’s a ball of energy, just like a trapped emotion, from the size of an orange to the size of cantaloupe. I have seen these lodged somewhere in the body, and where they can cause all the same kinds of problems that trapped emotions can, but will only show up in muscle testing if you use those words “psychic trauma.” And then you’ll be able to uncover it. In my experience, these actually are fairly common, occurring about once for every 10 trapped emotions. These can also be inherited, although this seems to be quite rare.

As far as releasing a psychic trauma with The Emotion Code, you can simply ask, “Do you (I) have a psychic trauma that can be released now?”  If the answer is yes, you might ask, “Is there more we need to know about this psychic trauma?” The subconscious mind may want you to determine when the psychic trauma occurred, who was involved, and/or what trapped emotions are making up this psychic trauma. Once you have determined those things, as soon as you get a “no” answer to the question, “Is there more we need to know about this psychic trauma?” Then you can simply release it with three rolls down the governing Meridian, unless it is an inherited psychic trauma, in which case you would need to use 10 rolls.

Dr. Brad : )