Since everything is energy, it’s easy to pick up someone else’s energy. Often times, we sense that energy when someone enters our own personal space. Prior to performing a session, it’s always a good idea to shield yourself. Here are some possible scripts you can try using. (Or you can try your own!)  "I'm placing a shield around myself. This shield is permanent. It will let positivity in, and let positivity out. Negative energy will not be allowed in, but can be released." You could also try, "I am placing a Shield around myself completely while allowing love and energy in." Or, "I am Shielded from negative energy." After placing the shield, test yourself to ensure you are shielded. And then have a little gratitude.

Sometimes these shields come down at night according to Dr. Nelson, so he recommends shielding yourself every morning when you wake up and before you go out into the world. It can be really quick, and you just basically have to roll down your governing meridian (with your hand or a magnet over the top of the head and down the spine), and hold the intention of putting a shield up.

For a more detailed explanation of shielding, please refer to The Emotion Code Seminar Video on shielding. The videos are accessible through The Emotion Code Certification Program online.

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