Question: Is it safe to use The Emotion Code on a pregnant woman?

Here's what Jean Nelson (Dr. Brad Nelson's wife) has to say about using The Emotion Code while she was pregnant: 

"I loved having my husband, Dr. Nelson, work on me when I was pregnant. It really did help me. We believe that it is completely safe to do the Emotion Code and the Body Code during pregnancy. Using the BC can really alleviate morning sickness. Dr. Nelson recommends that if you are going to work on a pregnant woman, use your hand rather than a magnet to clear imbalances. Magnets and zero point energy devices may very well be safe enough but if something were to go wrong with the baby at birth and you had worked with the mother during her pregnancy, you can save yourself of the grieving parent's blame. It is unlikely that the swipe of your hand to clear energy would ever be thought to be a possible explanation for the baby's issue. Some kind of device could much more easily implicate blame, even if it didn't do any harm. It's really not so much an issue of safety but rather an issue of what people think is safe or not."

That said, it is always a good idea to make sure your client is comfortable with the process.