Q: When I ask if I need to know more about certain imbalances, I get a "no" answer, but I am still not able to release the imbalances.

A: Generally speaking, we believe that when you find an imbalance in the body that does not release upon correction, it means that there may be some deeper underlying issue that you are missing. At that point, it's always best to take a step back and refocus, appeal to universal intelligence or the creator for help, focus all of the love that you can on the person you are working on (even if it's yourself!) and try again. Sometimes it helps to think outside of the box. For example, asking questions in different ways can sometimes bring about different answers. If you were to ask, “Is there an underlying reason for this imbalance,” you might get a different answer than if you were to ask, “Is there something preventing me from getting over this problem?”  These are just two examples of questions that you might ask to try to get to the underlying roots of a problem.