In order to restart your iPad app please follow these instructions.

  1. Hit the home button once to get to the main screen.
  2. Hit the home button twice to show the multitasking tray (on the iPad you can, alternatively, swipe up with 4 fingers)
  3. Tap and keep your finger on any app icon in the tray until the red badges appear and the icons start “dancing”
  4. Now tap on the red badge for any of the apps you want to close. Please note: this action will not remove the app from your device. You’re just “killing” it so you can remove the “suspended state” and restart it.
  5. Tap anywhere outside the tray to close it (or, alternatively, hit the home button once — on the iPad, you can also swipe down with 4 fingers).
  6. Now navigate back to the Body Code icon and start the app.