If you need to uninstall the Body Code 2.0 application from your desktop computer, please follow these uninstall instructions:

Mac OSX:
1. Drag the Body Code 2.0 application to your Trash or right-click the application and select Move To Trash.
2. Empty Trash.

1. Click Start and choose Control Panel.
2. In Control Panel double click on the "Programs and Features" icon.
3. Here you can find all the programs and items which are installed.
4. Locate the Body Code 2.0 and right-click on the program, then click on Uninstall/Change and follow the prompts. (Repeat if more than one Body Code 2.0 application is installed.)

To reinstall please open your web browser, login to your account at DiscoverHealing.com and then click on this link and follow the installation instructions: https://discoverhealing.com/the-body-code/install/