Try this first if you are having trouble opening and running the Body Code App. 

If you are having issues accessing your Body Code 2.0 application, you may need to re-start the application. Please make sure to quit the application completely, rather than just closing it.

Mac: Clicking the red close button in the upper left of a window does not quit an application on a Mac, just simply closes it. To quit, please right click on the application icon on your dock and select quit.

Windows 8: Move your mouse to the top-left corner of the screen and then move down to show all open apps, right-click the open app you want to close and choose Close.

Windows 10, 7, XP, Vista: You can close the window. If the application will not close right-click the taskbar, and then click Start Task Manager. Click the Applications tab, click the program that isn't responding, and then click End Task.

iPhone & iPad: Double tap the home button and swipe up to quit the application. (iOS 5, click on the x icon.)

Android: Press the "Recent Apps" button on your device. Most newer devices will have this button, which looks like two overlaid rectangles. (Press and hold the "Home" button if you don't have a "Recent Apps" button.) Swipe the app you want to close from left to right.

After quitting the application, re-open and try logging in with your Account.

If after attempting to close it and log back in you are still not able to access it properly, please send us an email at so we can offer further assistance.