Body Code Applications System Requirements

iPad & iPhone Application works on:

All iOS devices (iPad1, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad5 (Air), iPad mini, iPad mini retina, iPhone and iPods) using iOS 5 or higher.
- Will not work on Android tablet, Windows tablet, or Kindle.

Mac Application works on:

All intel based Macs using Mac OSX 10.8 or higher.
- Upgrades to OSX are free. Please follow these steps to uprade.

Windows Application works on:

Any Windows desktop platform which supports .NET framework 3.5 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10).
- Will not work on Windows RT (Windows tablet operating system).

Android Application works on:

All Android devices running Android® Version 4.4.x (KitKat), Version 5.x (Lollipop), and Version 6.x (Marshmallow).
- Will not work on iPad, Windows tablet, or Kindle. (Kindle Fire uses a custom version of Android which may support the Android application, however we do not monitor this.)