Here's a video that explains what you will get with The Body Code 2.0


The Body Code 2.0 and 2.1 is more like an entirely new product than an upgrade. We have taken everything that made The Body Code Edition 1.0 such a phenomenal healing tool, and added more of the things that you need in order to find more imbalances and achieve better results with your loved ones and your clients. Every single area has been expanded and made more complete.

With all of this added information The Body Code Edition 2.0 is the absolute state-of-the-art in energy healing.

Body Code Edition 1.0


Body Code Edition 2.0 and 2.1

This product is no longer available.
Body Code 1.0 Includes:
Body Code 2.0 Includes:
  • 118 Hyperlinked Mind Maps
  • Body Code Manual Binder
  • Body Code Mind-Maps Binder
  • Body Code Quick-Start DVD
  • 6 DVD Body Code Video Course
  • Body Code Mind-Map System CD-ROM
  • 10 DVD Live Body Code Seminar
  • Conspiring Men DVD
  • The Emotion Code Book
  • The Emotion Code Audiobook on CD

  • New discoveries not in Body Code 1.0 edition (see below)
  • 260 hyperlinked Mind Maps
  • Rapid Results Quick Start Guide
  • Unlock your Abundance Guide
  • Body Code Mac, Windows, iOS and Android applications
  • Body Code 300+ Page color printed Complete Manual Book
  • Body Code Color printed Mind Maps Book
  • Body Code Manual videos with 679 color slides & narration of all concepts
  • Body Code Live Seminar video recordings (2013)
  • Body Code Overview of key concepts
  • Session Example Videos with volunteers
  • How to correct imbalances in all 6 areas


Here's What's New in The Body Code 2.0 and 2.1:

New Discoveries in the Energies Section!

Addictive Heart Energy

Several more kinds of Toxins including Toxic Energies
Complete Nutritional Chart with recommendations and guidelines

All Body Systems
– Integumentary System
– Urinary System 

– Skeletal System

– Muscular System

– Respiratory System

– Reproductive System

– Circulatory System

– Digestive System

– Endocrine System

– Immune System

– Lymphatic System

– Nervous System

- Outside Needs 

– Chiropractic Care

– Mental and Emotional Fitness

– Physical Needs

– Adjunctive Therapies

- Dental Meridian Connections

- The Eight Extraordinary Meridians 

- Morning Sickness (complete maps!)

- Physical to Physical Disconnections

- Spirit to Spirit Disconnections (usually a 'broken heart')

- Misalignments of Any and All Tissues

- Complete Pictures and Diagrams of the Skeleton

- Physical and Spiritual Malnutrition

- Color Deficiency 

...And more!

Over 260 Hyperlinked Body Code Mind Maps

There are more than 140 additional hyperlinked Mind Maps in The Body Code 2.0 than in Body Code 1.0, in much more detail, complete with images and directions for correcting the imbalances you find.

Midway Seminar

Access to Video Footage from The Body Code Seminar


In addition, The Body Code 2.0 includes all of the video from The Body Code Seminar that was held in Midway, Utah in June 2013. Those who were there know what a transcendent and special event this was. We captured it all, all three days, and you can access it through your Dashboard.

-Health, Wealth & Relationship Solution Video Series

-Health, Wealth & Relationship Solution Complete Manual

-Instant Body Code Mapping System

-Interactive Body Code Mapping Software

-Rapid Results Startup Guide

-The Body Code™ Complete Immersion Experience

-BONUS #1 - Vitality Secrets Exposed

-BONUS #2 - Mastering Communication with your Subconscious

-BONUS #3 - Finding Freedom from Lower Back Pain

-BONUS #4 - Tearing Down the Walls Around Your Heart

To give you a quick idea of the level of detail in the new Body Code 2.0... Check out the following comparison of Body Code 1.0 and Body Code 2.0.

Use the revolutionary Body Code 2.0 Mind Map System on your digital devices! 

Body Code 2.0 Upgrade Package

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for The Body Code 2.1

The difference between 2.0 and 2.1 is that we were ale to add in all the manuals and videos into the app so you don't need to jump back and forth to your computer. lt also offers the ability to switch between English, Spanish and German. 

Do you already own the Body Code 1.0?

The Body Code Edition 2.1 Upgrade Package Info:
Current owners of The Body Code Edition 1.0 can purchase The Body Code Edition 2.1 Upgrade Package (for a limited time). This includes the new seminar manuals, access to Body Code Seminar footage and access to download the Mind Maps 2.0 as well as access to the Mind Maps online. Pricing info available here.