Once you have logged into your Healers Library account and gone to your Emotion Code Certification program, you’ll go to 
Step 3: Complete Practice Session Records. From there, you will see instructions on completing your sessions and then at the bottom there is a link “Click here to complete practice sessions.” Click on that link and then you can begin entering your sessions by selecting “New session.”


Once you’ve added a session, you can click “Submit,” although it will not submit it to us at this point and you will still be able to go back and edit this session if you desire. The system will not allow you to actually submit your sessions to us until you’ve met all the requirements which will be tracked for you at the top of the screen. Once you have met all the requirements, you’ll be able to submit your sessions to us.

To complete The Emotion Code Certification Requirements:

You either need to perform sessions on 26 humans and 4 animals

- OR -

You need to perform 10 human and 20 animal sessions

- AND -

You need to completely eliminate 4 people's Heart-Walls


You may do all your sessions via proxy or in person or a mix of both.