The absolute minimum requirement for Emotion Code Certification is to do at least one session with 30 different people and completely clear the Heart-Wall from four different individuals. However, most people find – as you are finding– that it takes more than just one session to get the best results.  You may add more than one session to your binder for each client if you would like to, and that will show us that you are serious about getting results. However, additional sessions per client will not count as additional sessions toward the 30 required client sessions.

We ask that you perform and document as many sessions as it takes to get the desired result on the clients you're working with. If you get those results in one session for a particular client, we will accept that. Please note that most Heart-Wall clients will need an average of 3 sessions to release their Heart-Wall completely, and that you need to have a minimum of 4 Heart-Wall clients to fulfill the requirements.

You student advisor will need to review EACH heart wall session for the clients you are using as your four heart wall clients.