Step 1 of The Emotion Code Certification includes submitting 2 letters of recommendation or copy of your current health related license, filling out your practitioner bio and signing the certification agreement.  This step is found by logging into your account at,  selecting 'The Emotion Code Certification' and then clicking on 'Step 1: Welcome, Start here!'

Letters of Recommendation

The Letters of Recommendation should be written by 2 people you know in your behalf attesting to your character and ethic. These can be replaced by a current health related license such as a chiropractor's license, RN license, massage therapist credential, social work degree, etc.


Requirements for the letters of recommendation are:


* Must be signed by their respective authors

* Must include the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of their writers.

* Must be from 2 different people that have known you for at least five years

* Must not be relatives of yours

* Must be scanned together into ONE PDF document

* Must have the following filename format: YourLastname_YourFirstname_YourMiddlename-Letters_of_Rx.pdf


If you choose to upload a copy of your license, it:


* Must be current

* Must be scanned together as ONE PDF document

* Must have the following filename format: YourLastname_YourFirstname_YourMiddlename-License.pdf


Filling out your biography helps us get to know you a little better. Be sure to include a photo of yourself. Once you submit the biography form, the content you submitted will disappear. You will receive a confirmation message and an email to let you know that we have received your bio successfully!

Emotion Code Certification Agreement

To sign the certification agreement, choose Step 1 and then 'Sign the Emotion Code Certification Agreement'.  Next, enter your full name and email address and click 'submit'.  You will receive an email from which contains a special link to sign your agreement with your mouse. Once you have signed and submitted the agreement, your agreement is filed automatically with us!


IMPORTANT: Please use the exact same email address for every step of the certification process. If different email addresses are used the system may not register your course as complete.