To access your eLearning Center account (STEP 2), please use the following:

Go to URL:  Log into your healers library account. 

 NOTE: if you have not created a separate account for the eLearning center, you’ll need to do this. For simplicity, use the same login and password as you have for HealersLibrary.


You will need to add the Group / Lesson Key once you’ve logged in. The key is simply the letters “TEC.”

Having trouble accessing the eLearn Center videos? 

What browser have you been using? If it isn't Chrome, please switch over to using that instead. If you don't have Chrome on your computer, you can download it here:

Select one of the choices and download it for free.


After that, you will want to clear your cache. This seems to be causing a few problems, so let's take care of that too. If you need instructions on how to clear your cache, go to this website:


You can learn more about clearing the browser cache here:

After your cache is cleared, then turn off your computer. Then turn it back on and log back in using Chrome as the browser.