Do you need help accessing the Adobe PDF? 


Okay, here is what you need to do!

Most computers have a different pdf reader set as default which will not allow you to open the binder. Do the following:


1. Right click on the downloaded binder


2. Choose "Open with"


3. Then choose "adobe reader" from the list.

This will allow you open the binder. You will need to do this each time you open the binder.

Submitting Binder 

First you need to download the binder to your computer and saved it under your name.

Then from your computer open the binder and then start filling the sessions there, we recommend that every time you fill a session that you save your binder, is going to pop up a window saying if you want to replace it and you need to say yes, this means the binder will update with the latest information that you put there.

Once you finish putting all the information on your binder you need to go back to your Step 3 on your certification page and from there send us the binder.