You might be wondering: "Is it okay to charge clients/subjects while I'm working on my certification requirements?"

Most likely, the answer is NO, you should not be charging, since you are still a student of The Emotion Code, and we don't consider it ethical to charge for something in which you are not yet professionally certified or trained

That being said, if you meet both of the following requirements, you may charge your subjects for your work with The Emotion Code and we will allow it:

1. You must be certified in and actively practicing another health/energy related technique (e.g. EFT, Reiki, chiropractic, naturopathy. We allow this because you are a health professional and likely using The Emotion Code on your existing clients/patients).
2. You may NOT use any other energy healing modality during any of the sessions you submit in your certification binder. (This is because we want clear records showing your results using The Emotion Code only).

It is our policy that you may not charge for doing sessions while in the certification program however, it is acceptable to receive a voluntary donation.