Q: My first session was with my sister. She lives out of state, was here for a visit, and left yesterday for home. I got a baseline for yes and no. I asked her subconscious 3 times if there was a trapped emotion we could release. Each time her subconscious said there was nothing to release "now". Can I still count this as a session with a human.

A: Unfortunately, this would not qualify as a session. You do need to actually release a trapped emotion in order for a session to be counted as a session. However, if you are finding that your subject/client does not have any emotions to release, you might want to dig a little deeper. Generally on any given day (unless a person is processing a previous session) you will be able to find an emotion or emotions to release. You can ask "Is there a hidden emotion that we can release?" Or try asking, "Do you have a hidden trapped emotion?" Sometimes the way you phrase a question can make all the difference. For instance, your subject may have plenty of trapped emotions to release, but asking "Can we release an emotion now?" may throw their subconscious mind off the trail. This is because maybe they will not be ready to release the emotion until you have discovered what the emotion is, possibly you'll need to know when it occurred and who was involved, etc. I hope that helps!