My advice is to do the following (in conjunction with the advice of your physician):

1. Purchase Bill Henderson's book at
2. Sign up for a coaching session with Bill and follow his protocol
3. Use The Emotion Code method to find trapped emotions that are underlying reasons for the cancer
4. If you need help, schedule a telephone session with our staff at
5. If you are open to all options, take a hard look at, which I believe is the world's most complete self-help course in energy healing, made simple.
6. Remember that the subconscious mind knows why the cancer is there; ask it and it will tell you in most cases. Look for old traumas, and ask if there is anything in the way of getting over the cancer, or if there is a reason why you might not be okay with healing from the cancer, etc. Think outside of the box.

Remember that cancer is a symptom of imbalance, just like any other. Pray like it is all up to God, and work like it is all up to you. Believe that you are going to get well, and cultivate a lively sense of gratitude to God that He is healing you. Tell people you are getting well, and believe it, and your expectation will become your reality. I cannot overemphasize how important this is. These are the steps I would personally follow.

Dr. Brad : )