Many of our Certified Practitioners also achieve a PMA License as an added source of credibility for their business. Becoming a member of the Pastoral Medical Association could be a great benefit to you, especially if you have no other current medical or holistic healing licenses. We have partnered with PMA, Pastorial Medical Association to help our practitioners feel confident with their legal coverage when they start their own businesses.

For more information on the PMA, go to:
1-866-206-8469 U.S. & Canada


Q: Is the PMA Ecclesiastical License accepted where I live?

A: As a general rule, if the country respects religious freedom and rights similar to the U.S. and Canada, then yes, the PMA ecclesiastical license would be respected. We are not familiar with many of the countries, although we have licensed providers in over 25 countries at last count. It is up to the practitioner to know his/her country's constitution or “religious position”.