We appreciate your efforts to get the word out to more people about The Emotion Code! We do allow you to quote from The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson, and/or Discover Healing on your website or promotional materials provided that you adhere to our guidelines.

Guidelines for Quoting The Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson and/or DiscoverHealing.com:

  1. When quoting directly from The Emotion Code book* or ebook in a book or other publication, footnote the quote following accepted practice.
  2. Include a link back to the page where the quotation can be found, or link to our website homepage.
  3. Before publishing or releasing your quoted content, please submit a ticket for review.
  4. Quotations from The Body Code System are only allowed by direct permission from Dr. Nelson. If you wish to quote from The Body Code, please submit a ticket with your request.

We wish you great success in your endeavors to help us change the world, one person at a time!

*Please note that websites are under FTC regulations.  Quoting from the book on your website with information from the book that would violate FTC rules is not permissible.