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Downloaded the Body Code on my new computer, but it doesn't function

I have only ever downloaded the Body Code (2.0) onto one device, my laptop. I bought it in 2014.

I have now purchased a new computer with Windows 10 (the old one was Windows 7).

I've tried to download the Body Code onto my new computer, but I can't open the program. I get an error: "cannot be null". Can onyone tell me what to do?

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Hola yo compré la anterior versión del código del cuerpo y descargué la nueva versión para iPhone pero sale la tabla de las emociones

I bought a new computer and can not down load the free discover-healing mind maps.

It wants to give a 7 day free tril

New computer No down load of mind maps

After numerous unsuccessful tries it actually worked, so now I have the mindmaps. I don't know why it was so difficult, since one is supposed to beable to download to five devices - at least, that was part of it when I bought the program in 2014. I can only suggest you keep trying, and if it doesn't work, contact support.

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