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Building a Successful Practice

I have been a certified BC Practitioner for over a year. I've had a small number of paid clients over the year and a half. My clients have worked out to about one per week. Most of them came from my certification process, the clients I worked on for free for certification turned into paid clients and referred a few clients to me. 

Eventually, all of those clients have fizzeled out, moving on with their lives. I am no longer getting word of mouth referrals. 

I am starting the Abundance Series again (my 3rd time through, very worth it). 

My question here is what successful avenues for advertising have been used? I do not have any other practice (no other health modalities or a business practice of any other kind). This is my sole business. I would like to have about 6-8 clients per week that I am working with. Because some people do return regularly, but some also come for a short time, I need to find 1-3 new clients each month to keep that rate, once I have found the initial 6-8 clients. 

What, in addition to word of mouth, do you use for advertising and marketing your business? What has been successful, and what didn't work for you (so I don't think of something creative and find out it's not the most successful idea)?

Here are ideas I have. I've tried two of these, with small success, but was unsure if it is worth it to continue:

I've tried posting on Facebook, articles, comments, replies. The best success I've had here is if I see someone else post a health complaint, I make a comment in the form of a story about a BC success with that issue. If their interest is peaked, I switch to Private Message and invite them to a free demo session to learn more. I have had one or two clients this way.

I've also attended two fair/expos. One was a local street fair, through which I did not get any clients. The other was a holistic health expo. I ended up with 2 sample sessions and one paid series of 3 sessions from that expo (although I had 20 people sign up that they would like me to contact them after the expo, only 2 responded when I did - that's probably not a bad ratio, but it is smaller than I expected for the time and effort I put into the event. I would have like to have had 200 sign up, and 20 work with me!).

What else have you done? I still feel that fairs/expos/workshops are a good idea, but I'm not sure how to go about turning out a better ROI.

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Hi heather , congratulations on becoming certified, have you worked on your heart-wall, and abundance blocks ? That might be the first place to start , This will help take the fear out of the situation ❤️
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