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I have read the emotion code book and I have some doubts about proxy technique:

While I'm doing proxy with somebody, where is my energy? Example: My name is Nubia and I'm doing proxy with Juan, then I'm saying I'm Juan and I get connected to his energy... then where I am? Am I Getting some karma or imbalance from him?

Does exists any form to let us know to me and the person with I'm doing proxy that it is safe and appropriated for the highest level to do proxy with somebody?

Can I lost energy or get any imbalance while I'm doing proxy with someone else? 

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Hi, you as the healer need to be protected before you do the proxy connection. If you are not protected, then there is the option, that you get negative energies from your client. Btw. That happened to me at the beginning, I got an entity from a client working on the phone via proxy connection. To protect yourself, BC task is: shield up to protect yourself: front & back, left & right, top & bottom. My latest „trick“ is: do a halo 5x around your head and you are very well protected. Try it out and check your protection from 1 to 10.
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