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App not working

Hi there this is my 2nd request. I have downloaded 2.1 app but I cannot log on. Please get back to me ASAP! Thank you Dee Phillips

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Huawei Mediapad X2 Android 5, Body Code App not working. I bought the app today - after starting the app i see body code Logo then screen turns to white - nothing happens!

Emotion Code App is working.

Thank you

Christian Ottitsch

I can not get the Body Code 2.0 to work on my HP Envy computer.  It will work on my Apple IPad = 2.1.  Please help me with this.  I use the HP more than I do the IPad.  Where can I find the app to reinstall?

Hi Dee Thanks for writing in. For the Body Code app 2.1 you need to first purchase our program and then we will send you the login instructions for the app. You can purchase here: You can also,download The Emotion Code app for free and use it. If you have already purchased the Body Code send us an email at and we will be sure to send you your login instructions. 

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