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Heart wall causing pain


I am working on my heart wall since 14.6.2018 after releasing quite a few emotions within my body limits I checked the thickness and I got the answer that it is more then 100 millions miles thick, made from metal and really cold.

I have got hard time feeling any emotions at all, I suffer with fibromyalgia and I am highly sensitive. 

On the 22.6.2018 my wall is down to more then 8 millions miles thick but I have got more pain the area of heart - like really big sharp rock is sitting inside my chest. Any tips how to decrease the discomfort and pain? It feels like somebody is stabbing my heart repeatedly. 

Lot of the emotions in my heart wall I released were inherited from my grandparents who are all sadly diseased. 

Anyone has got any experience with anything like that? I know I should slow down and I will. I only continue if my body tells me there is something I can release and stop when it says to stop. 

But the benefits are amazing - I feel more accepted, people are prolonging their contact with me and I feel less discomfort [I have got quite severe social anxiety and touch fobia] so I definitely want to continue with that. 

I would just appreciate little less emotional pain. Putting magnet against the chest area seems to help a bit. 

Thank you

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