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Are There Other Walls?

In reading the healing code, I learned about the heart-wall.  Does anyone know if there are other walls we build?  If so, what are they.

Thanks. ~Maria

Yes, every organ can have a wall we found out a a seminar with Dr. Brad. Thanks to Jean, she helped us on that. It is kind of seldom found, but possible. My gallbladder had a wall out of thick dried mud, and i felt like throwing up, after it had been released.  it is much happier now!

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Did they say if the wall would come up in the BodyCode as a heartwall?  I am finding lots of small little heartwalls... wonder if those might them?  How did you guys find them in the seminar?

Hi there,

I found the other walls around organs by "accident", too :-)

Even as a whole protection wall around the whole body lika an armour. It was someone working in a very hostile environment at times.

Trust your testing!

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