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Body Code for a Brain Tumor

I became an Emotion Code Practitioner just as The Body Code came out. Last week, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was being treated psychiatrically for something that is neurological! ECT memory issues! Since that diagnosis...brain tumor...I have dove into research, both allopathic and naturopathic cures. Based on my experience with EC and Dr. Brad:

I know The Body Code will help me.

I'm too closed off to allow others to heal me efficiently now.

When I become a practitioner, I will use it for me and for you. Free healings!

I simply need you, willing to help, to click HERE. To help me heal and learn.

Sponsor me to be the healer that I always needed.

Let me do the healing work on myself for once.


(BTW if you would like, I can prove the brain tumor via radiology report, two digital copy MRIs, and visit summaries)

Great Thankful and Many Blessings,


Br. Alex Kelly

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