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If you have trouble logging into your Body Code app on an Apple device.

The Body Code App requires that every 45± days to verify your right to access the application content. Although, in same cases, it can be much longer than 45 days. regardless of the time frame, the easiest way to gain access again is to delete the app off your device and re-download it again!


Please view this page on the device you would like to download it to!

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but again the easiest way to fix it is to delete the app off your device and re-download it  

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Buenas tardes. El libro es en. Ingles o en español.?

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I tried this today and it didn't seem to work

Me too. Problem on my Ipad and Iphone.  I have a client tomorrow morning and really need this to work!

didnt work for me either. on both ipad and iphone.  

Got a message from support desk today saying that there is a glitch with the app and that is I am getting the Authorisation Error.  They have their app developers working on the issue and will advise when fixed.  Hope its fixed soon resorting to my memory and the manual is a pain with clients ...better than nothing though.  Was hoping they would publish there is an issue!

Ok all fixed now thanks very much support crew !  Hope you are sorted now Rachel!

Yes thanks for letting me know! I agree will the awkwardness of the manual. Aren't we so fortunate to have the app! Thanks Healers crew for the support!

Just deleted t and downloading it. Can the app be made so that we do not have to do this process. Also, it does not allow me to be remembered on the app so I have to key in the password every time. Can it be fingerprint enabled? Or the password remembered on that device? Thanks. 

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