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Mold Remediation in a house

We have had recurring mold infections so we suspected a mold problem in our house. 

Because we live in a remote area it was expensive and difficult to get a professional industrial hygienist to test our house so we found and used their professional grade test kit and confirmed a mold problem.

The lab referred us to and we were pleased to learn they offer a non-toxic method to eradicate the mold that comes with a 2 year guarantee. The owner of the franchise in our area was very professional and helpful. Our house has been treated and we will soon retest to confirm that there is no more mold.

We will update this thread with more info about the results of the treatment after we get back the followup test results

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How were your results?

I'm a professional mold inspector and I HIGHLY recommended MyMoldDetective. Much better than all the fake mold tests out there. 

I shared my experience here:

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