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Volunteer for bodycode practitioner training

Hi my name is Helen and I live in the uk. I would like to volunteer for anyone training in the bodycode. I have quite severe chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for over 30 years so if anyone is up for the challenge please contact me on

let me do long distance healling method... give me 3 nights!

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I asked permition to your soul...

Maybe You were going to take hike on someting or someone, say 10 years ago, but as you didn´t, you retracted from life, having the perfect excuse: being ill. Now you can be alone, but you can be paid attention to.  Don´t be afraid of life, go forward, as nice and beautifull events await you.  2 more times I will reinforce you.  If you accept.

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I'm still looking to being a volunteer for someone doing the bodycode . I've purchased the system myself and am currently treating pathogens specifically mold with neem leaf as recommended and releasing trapped emotions . This system is incredible. It's helping my dad who has cancer too. thank you for your reply.

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Dr. Nelson does not take volunteer prior to the webinar. If you would like to have a chance to be chosen as a volunteer, you will need to raise the 'hand' icon on the computer by clicking on it, in order for Dr. Nelson to see that you want to participate.


There can be over 2000 people on the call and Dr. Nelson does his very best to work with as many as possible!


You may want to enter the webinar 15-30 minutes ahead of time as once the program reaches maximum capacity, it will not allow any more lines to enter.


We are glad you will be joining us and hope to see you on the next one!

Hi Helen,

Did you find a BC practitioner in training to work with you? If not, I am working on my certification and would welcome opportunity to work with you.


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Hi Keith, thanks for your reply. No I haven't found anyone. Thank you that would be great. I have purchased the body code and done some self testing but having someone else helping me would be really beneficial as working on yourself isn't always easy . My email address is if it's better to contact me via that. Let me know what information you need and I will get back to you with it. I think I said in my post I've been ill for quite a long time so I know it may take a while but hopefully working with someone else will really be helpful. Thank you so much . Feeling grateful

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Yes please keith that's wonderful . I posted a reply but can't see it coming up so am reposting just in case . My email address is . Let me know what you need from me in terms of information . Looking forward to working with you . I have purchased the body code too but having someone to work on me is such a blessing as working on yourself is quite hard. Thank you again and hope to hear from you soon 

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