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past lives

Can the subconscious mind answer questions about past incarnations on earth and other planets?  Can we use muscle testing to get those answers?

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Muscle testing is designed to help the here and now. You can always try to do it, but Dr. Nelson has had more success with focusing on life on this planet. 

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I believe so, but I would work on handling blocks from this lifetime first.  :)

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A very experienced BC practitioner worked with me at a seminar with doctor Brad- she found a curse from a fomer life. It appeared while asking when the curse took place and we couldn’t find it in this life neither inherited. Asking: did it occur in a past life? And the answer was: yes. And what a relief after that! For my opinion- working with the body code system is much greater in the healing process, than we can imagine now. Trust your Intuition- god bless you!

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