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Addictive Heart Energies

I run into AHE and find underlying causes.  This will lead to AHE again.  It's like the body is trying to tell me something I don't understand.  When underlying causes of an AHE return to AHE is it time to remove it?  Why the cycling back and forth?



you'll just want to keep your questions very simple and straightforward when trying to determine why you are cycling back and forth. If a client comes to you with a certain issue, you might ask the question, "Is there something causing your addicted Heart Energy ?" Then go find the imbalance on the chart and clear or correct it. 

Here are some examples of questions you could ask when targeting certain issues: 

" Is there a reason why you have a AHE?" 

" Is there anything interfering with the function of your Heart?" 

" Is your Heart happy?" (if not, ask why!) 

"Is your Heart balanced?" 

Most of these questions above are pretty straightforward. If you run into a stubborn issue the client is having you might try asking something like: 

"Are you okay with getting rid of your AHE?" If the answer is no, this means the client probably has a subconscious sabotage thing happening! Don't be intimidated, just clear the related imbalances until the answer is yes. 

Sometimes a client will be holding onto a particular issue either as a safety net, to get attention or love or to avoid future pain such as rejection. Keep these possibilities in mind when you're working on a client like this and let your intuition guide you with what questions to ask. Your intuition combined with your knowledge of The Body Code can be a powerhouse - TRUST IT! 

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