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Does my subconscious know where I lost the car keys?

I'm getting conflicting answers. Thanks.

I think It would since it stores every expereince we have.    Good luck! :)

Yes, your sub conscience knows.

I´m using my subconscience mind always for to find things I have losed. It helps me to get more connected with it ans also to get more trust in it

I am happy for you.  But my car keys haven't turned up yet, and I have misplaced my checkbook this week.  Aaugh!

Only now I read this, you always need to ask with a clear intent and neutrality! When we ask things like these we always tend to try and push a result. The subconscious knows all! Even small texts you read as a child, to every coma and every dot! It knows everything you ever knew and even things you never knew consciously but that you have energetic access to, to the collective consciousness of us all. What you need to master is your neutrality, your willingness to not be in charge. This is hard stuff, our ego always wants to be in charge. 

How did that turn out, anyway? Managed to find your things? :)

No - I'm sad to say that it didn't work.  Of course, I thought I was neutral, but maybe I wasn't.  I became convinced that they were at a local store, and made a pest of myself checking there weekly for a while.  I asked more than once, and my best reading of my own mind is that the key was actually at the store for a time, but then it got thrown out from there. 

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