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Hello all, I've been suffering from what I believe is pretty bad case of PTSD for nearly 9 years after a traumatic experience. I'm looking for help and direction to a practitioner who can work with me that can get to the bottom of this. I have done some Body Code/Emotion code work and other energy modalities for years to try to remedy my symptoms. I'm still greatly suffering. It is severely affecting my sleep as my traumatic experience involved sleep directly. Perhaps the people I've worked with aren't well enough seasoned in this area of issues to help to know how best to approach this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much. Jennifer

Hi Jennifer, 

If you are not already working with a practitioner, I would be interested in talking with you on the possibility to do so.

I am In my Body C certification process and have had an ongoing clientele base for a year. ...  PTSD has been on my mind as a particular interest to work with ... as formerly I have had it myself for many years.


Diane L

Please send response to my email accnt    at ...


Hello Diane Let me know, if you're looking for BC volunteers. Regards Bernice
If anyone has had any success with treating PTSD related issues I would love to hear from you. My son is 30 yrs old and PTSD has as a result of being in war in Afhhanistan for 18 months. PTSD has completely destroyed his personal, financial, emotional, family life with divorce ,and separation from his children, as well as multiple arrests, n jail time. He can"t seem to shake his inner demons, and has physical injuries as well. He is lost, and has exhausted nearly all of his friends n family members to point of no contact. I wish you good luck on your path to healing and commend your bravery for facing your demons so that others may also heal. Thanks in advance.
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