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EC did not relieve pain at all.

My husband woke up with a headache this morning. On a scale of 1-8 it was an 8. I released 41 emotions related to his migraine (which I found to be very excessive) and there was no difference in his pain. I then ran my Magduo magnet over his head and back for a few minutes with still no change. How could this be? 

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Releasing 41 emotions at one time sounds excessive. Typically I have seen 5 to 10. Were you working on him as a proxy or surrogate. Maybe the connection was not well established.



I often see more than 8 - 10 trapped emotions in one area.  At times many more.  41 does not sound surprising to me

Was  the headache still a 8 during the same day??

Accurate answers are received from the subconscious for about 20 min. while releasing 1-10 emotions. Any more than that runs the risk of putting the body into overload . Also allow the body to rest 2-4 days in between sessions.

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It should not even be possible to release/correct 41 trapped emotions in one session! hence the process can´t have been working out entirely. No way you can release that much at once. No surprise there was no alleviation of the headache. Something went wrong with the testing process.


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