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EC did not relieve pain at all.

My husband woke up with a headache this morning. On a scale of 1-8 it was an 8. I released 41 emotions related to his migraine (which I found to be very excessive) and there was no difference in his pain. I then ran my Magduo magnet over his head and back for a few minutes with still no change. How could this be? 

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Releasing 41 emotions at one time sounds excessive. Typically I have seen 5 to 10. Were you working on him as a proxy or surrogate. Maybe the connection was not well established.



I often see more than 8 - 10 trapped emotions in one area.  At times many more.  41 does not sound surprising to me

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Was  the headache still a 8 during the same day??

Accurate answers are received from the subconscious for about 20 min. while releasing 1-10 emotions. Any more than that runs the risk of putting the body into overload . Also allow the body to rest 2-4 days in between sessions.

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It should not even be possible to release/correct 41 trapped emotions in one session! hence the process can´t have been working out entirely. No way you can release that much at once. No surprise there was no alleviation of the headache. Something went wrong with the testing process.


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I’ve often released more than 10 trapped Emotions and have had excellent results. I do not think that it is that black and white, that our amazing subconscious mind will only allow 1-10. I think it will allow us to clear whatever it is ready to release. Perhaps there were some underlying imbalances (Body Code) that was needing to be cleared. Perhaps TE was just one layer of the issue.

 Perhaps being emotionally attached to someone (husband/wife) will distort the EC/BC work and cause the results to be poor. That much emotions at once released is really impossible from my 10 years of experience with this work. The mind of the practitioner can´t hold the attention and focus for that long first and second the body of the treated person will not permit that much to be released for it can not process it.5 to 10 is usually fine but not much more. It is often possible to test other areas after this limit has been shown up in the test but trapped Emotions are off limits by then. Sometimes the pain doe not go away for other reasons that need to be addressed in the "real" world :-) Toxins, dehydration, medication, EMFs, blue light etc. Not everything will respond to be just corrected away with the BC. We are not only based upon energy, but this is where all begins. The physical vessel also need to be treated well and if our environment is making us sick, we can´t correct this away, at least not permanently. Many levels to work on... Blessings to all.

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