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Releasing trapped emotion for my dead grandmother


A question popped up in my head about my quite traumatized grandmother (both of them actually). They are both dead, but would it be OK if I started releasing trapped emotions on them by proxy testing? I'm a psychic medium and can communicate to them. 




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When I was doing the Emotion Code cert.  I asked if I could work on my Dad - who had expired - and the answer was yes.  I worked on him and his light being has been closer to me since then.

I was under the teaching that you were not able to talk to the dead.  What about cording, with dead people?

 In the Body Code - you can work with an 'embodied spirit' someone who was alive and is now dead - and the cording works just the same with either.  I have released a negative cording between a living client and and embodied spirit

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