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The Emotion Code vs. Reiki Healing

 What's the difference between Reiki Healing and The Emotion Code?

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I would like to hear this answer also.  Hopefully someone who does both can supply us a simple answer.

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I am a Master of Multidimensional Healing (a system which evolved from Reiki) and have completed training in the Emotion Code, although I am not currently certified in that system.

Reiki is a type of "hands-on" healing where "life force energy" may be put into the body and energy blocks may be taken out of the body by channeling life force energy with intention.  Reiki also uses some energy symbols that can be placed into the physical and other energy bodies (the auric field)  to help extend the healing session process beyond the time of the session.  Reiki can be done from a distance and doesn't require that you physical touch the person for whom you are facilitating a healing.

With The Emotion Code, trapped emotions (a type of energy block) are quickly removed by magnetically stroking the Governing Vessel Meridian..  Life Force Energy is not channeled into the recipient, and there are no energy symbols involved.  The Emotion Code can easily be done from a distance, as well. and doesn't require that you physical touch the person whose trapped emotions you are releasing.

I hope this answer is simple enough.  The two systems are very different in some ways, but they do have some things in common, such as working over a distance.

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I have the first and second levels of Reiki (3 level modules) and I've been working with both the Body Code and the Emotion Code for some months now, though not yet certified.

What we learn (and easily confirm with clinical practice) is that the mind-body will easily and willingly serve you on a platter all you need to know to remove blockages and promote healing of all sorts, once you ask for it correctly. Like Dr. Brad said I don't remember where, but use it with my patients to explain it, it is much like using the search box on a search engine like google, There are some things that will only present themselves if you ask for them specifically.

What I've come to confirm/trully believe is that when you do a general approach, only some things will present themselves. This is what happens with Reiki, in my humble opinion and correct me if wrong, because Reiki is a system where, as said above, you channel energy into that body (even though it is more like you are a channel, universal energy is flowing through you and is there, looking pretty and waiting to be used, because in reality it is the mind-body-spirit of the receiver that draws what it needs, it is a very gentle and respectful approach, it is not you who is directing the energy to that body/person. You make it available to them.) and then that mind-body will make use of that energy in the way it sees fit and more pressing/urgent/important.So, what happens is that some issues, if not most, may get only partially treated (which is not bad, for overall health care and maintenance). Everyday most of us collect new and more fashionable problems, be it a fight, a disease, a disease of a loved one, falling down the stairs, etc., and when a matter is sufficiently resolved, the mind-body will move on to the next more pressing subject. It is known that the intelligence of the body always works around survival, and only after survival is addressed will it turn its attention to repairing, maintenance etc. Whereas with the Emotion code, you can be broad and reach a dead end eventually... and then when you reach that dead end, if you start being specific about some issues, and asking for hidden, inherited, pre-conception and pre-natal you are able to find and extract more information to work with and completely neutralize and change situations to a positive note. With Reiki you never know what exactly you are addressing and how deep you were able to go, you can "only" relly on intention, but ultimately the mind-body-spirit will decide what it will do. I used Reiki many many years. Then I completely swapped to Craniosacral therapy and Kinesiology. And then stumbled upon the emotion code, started to use it and jumped right in to the Body Code. I may be a bit biased, but I hate when I get to a point I can't do more for one of my patients, and most other modalities left me on that aweful spot.

I hope this helped even further.

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Hola Ana Ferrinho , y como haces? si al conectarte con tu paciente , encuentras que tiene energias negatvas o entes espirituales? , para que no se peguen a ti?.Esta es una cuestión que me preocupa y ademas tambien lo ha comentado Ricardo Eiriz del "metodo Intergra"(y "Un Curso de Felicidad") en una conferencia!, aquí en Buenos Aires, gracias.

Lujan Cris, my Spanish is very bad, so I'm going to reply in English, ok? I have no clue as to your background in the energetic healing arts, but if you get proficient enough with self muscle testing you can check about pretty much everything. The first thing suggested in the Body Code is to be shielded from negative energies. Also, every time you come across really bad energies or entities, you can ask at the end if both of you (you and the client) are free from that energy and lots of different questions regarding that. I used to be a disbeliever about things I didn't believe attacking/penetrating me... I've grow out of that from experience, very rarely from absorbing the "evils" afflicting my clients. I found that I only took home spirits/entities who needed help. Usually entities with a dark agenda have their specific target or favourite low vibration. When in need of help and with good intention, they may be attracted to higher vibrations. Then it all depends a bit on your belief system, what you've learned... so you know what to ask for and what makes sense for you. From the start, in your prayer for help from up above to this work, you can also ask for protection. I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know if I can maybe try to clarify something further. Plus, never forget that these are my beliefs, my own experience on the field and of research. It may not be the same for everyone and some may disagree with me on some issues.

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Just wanting to know if I purchase the Body Code ( I have the Emotion Code DVDs ) , in that inpurchading the body code for only improving my own health If it's a great investment? Thanks !!!! Steve
Hi Steve. It most absolutely is. Just remember, it will not work if you don't commit to really do it. I have solved long term and short term health issues for my patients with great success using this system alone. However... it's a different story regarding myself, for I seem to never have the time to work on my own issues! ;) You can help yourself, friends, family and pets. I would say to go for it!
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