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Detox Symptoms with Emotion Code?

Is is normal to see some detox symptoms when using the emotion code?

I was releasing emotions connected to my friend's food intolerances and the next morning she was itching all over and broke out in a light case of hives.

Can someone explain what may be going on to cause this reaction?

I would test and ask if the symptoms the person is experiencing are a result of releasing emotions and correcting the food intolerances.

I do think you could have a detox reaction.  Moving a significant amount of emotion, can cause the cells to "dump" their toxic load...and the body has to get rid of it, somehow! Normalcy should return in 5-7 days.

Often when I was releasing many trapped emotions in the same setting, I would get many small bumps filled with serum on the nape of my neck, or at random spots on my head. The interesting thing is that I never had this type of skin reaction ever before in my life. 

A friend I did some sessions with had a sudden boil. She associated it with the sessions we did. 

As Dr. Nelson said, sometimes there is an aggravation of the condition during the processing period. I take these reactions as being part of processing. 

But yes, the best solution would be to do as Jane Bolen suggested, to muscle test to see the origin of the reactions.

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