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environmental medicine

I came to a need for a detoxification, and in discovering which one is needed, I landed on environmental medicine, but i don't understand where to go from here. What does this reference? How is this done? What does that mean?

Hi Karen, once you test strong for one of the environmental toxins click on the window that asks "check to see if detoxification is needed". You will find this where it shows you what to do for "Correction" - roll 3 times down the governing meridian, then after that is done click on the Check to see if detoxification is needed and that will take you to the next window where you can muscle test for all the cleanses, flushes, colon hydrotherapy, etc. and additional remedies you can order from

I don't know what to do when that comes up as well.  Environmental Medicine comes up as a remedy for the toxin that is found.  
So the question is, if the remedy for the toxin is Environmental Medicine, what is the next step or where do you send someone for Environmental Medicine? 

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