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Can't access body code downloads

I purchased body code and I can not access the program to download or view.

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We experienced an issue with The Body Code 2.0 iOS app on iPhone and iPad. We are glad to say that it has been resolved!!


Action is required on your part. In order to get the app back up and running you will need to reinstall. To reinstall please visit:

Also, be aware that you must be logged into your Dashboard on before you attempt to reinstall. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused! Thank you for your patience and support. 

purchased body code program, but did not received credit for it.  when i log in to attempt to download program  im being asked to pay again.  very confused!!

I have repeatedly attempted (for years) to the Body Code website and password which are not recognized.  The instructions for error send me to a window that no longer exists.  

What is driving me to resolve this problem is wanting to view the Las Vegas Retreat coming up available to download.  How can I ever be a part of that with these problems?  Will the program be in the form of CD and DVD as I am not able to get any downloads?  I am a MacBook Pro user if that is any help.

Sincerely, Karen Anderson

Hi Karen 

I sent you an email with instruction on how to get logged in. and also info about the Las Vegas Retreat coming up. Those will be in digital form. 



Customer Support

Thank you so much Dirk!  I hope I am not a lost cause.  I really appreciate these simple instructions.  I will try them out now.

SINCERELY,  Karen Anderson

So far so good in that I did get into My Dashboard.  Now how do I get into the Mind Maps instead of wearing out my 2 hard copy books?  How do I get into Webinars and Q and A that are supposed to be available for a time after the original broadcast?

Thank you for more patience with me.

Karen Anderson

Hola, compré El Código del cuerpo pero la app no identifica mi clave. Y desde la página no me aparece como posible acceder al contenido, me re dirige para volver a comprar... ayuda!
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