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Testing question

I notice that when Dr Bradley tests for mold, he will say mold and if its weak that means that the client has a mold. I have been testing asking if this client has mold, yes or no. If it's strong that means yes that they do have mold. Am I doing it wrong or are we just doing it differently? Thanks

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It all comes down to how you are asking the question. Example, Does John Doe have mold? and it is strong that means Yes. 

It just has to be a Yes or No question, strong for Yes and weak for No. 

Dear Sir

I beg your help. I have been practicing on a diabetes type 1 patient. 

I balanced the pancreas but two days later it was unbalanced again and her blood sugar went up again. 

I asked her subconscious " if it lets me heal her?" , The answer was " NO" 

I asked her subconscious " if it trusts me?" . The answer was " NO" 

Please advise me how I can get the trust of her subconscious?



Dear All

I have been working EC/BC on a Hypothyroidism patient. 

Her medications decrease by half but there is no more improvement. 

Please advise 

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