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Self testing

How can I self test for trapped emotion?

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Dr. Nelson gives great instruction with pictures and advice about self muscle testing in his book The Emotion Code.

We have a webinar replay on HealersLibrary that may help with muscle testing. It is at:

We also have a great article about muscle testing here:

Let us know if you are able to find confidence and success after you try these things.

Best wishes,

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I know how to muscle test

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I wanted to find out when you are planning on having a conference about the emotion code and body code in New Jersey. Nicole

hola, uno puede aprender a autotestearse, sin embargo, es necesario un nivel minimo de Consciencia, para obetener resultados confiables.Asi lo expresa el Dr Hapkins , en sus libros.Es necesario auto testearse , el Nivel de Consciencia Global , que  posees, debe ser mayor a 200.En una escala , que va hasta los 800-para un Nivel Humano muy alto de Amor Incondicional.

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