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Can the same emotion be removed twice

I have been removing emotions from my 13 year old daughter who is crippled with anxiety, I noticed that I had removed emotions the week before and confirmed these were released but when I ask if there are any more trapped emotions they still come up, how can this be its been a week since her last treatment.

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This happens many times, layers are being removed and some more layers still are stuck there. The subconscious mind will not instantly allow them to be removed sometimes. For the tested and cleared emotions it is true - they have been removed and are gone. But still there can be other or the same emotions that have not being even shown up in the same testing. Eventually all will be corrected if you persevere with the process, not at once but in several sessions.


in regard to processing

Any mental, emotional or body problem (somatic) from an otherwise healthy body comes from a re-stimulated stuck spiritual energy.


This stuck and solidified spiritual energy manifests on 3 levels:
Thought / Emotion/ Body-Sensations AND IT DOES MANIFEST ON ALL 3 LEVELS at the same time (even if one is not aware of this).

This manifested charge is build in layers or stacks and the exact right thing (within the range you look at) is presented to you when you ask for it and has to be taken up to not block and stop the flow.

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